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I recently came across a cool little application by the name of Singular. The point of Singular is to examine a directory (and sub-directories) for duplicate files. You get the option to find duplicate files by filename, size, or MD5 hash – which is the most reliable in just about every case. Singular will also ensure that one copy of each duplicate file it returns is preserved, so no worry about accidentally deleting something permanently.
The place where I’ve found this app to be most effective is in helping to weed-out my old back-up drives. Back before I established a half way decent process for backing up my computers, it was all over the board, and I know that files were at least in triplicate in some places on my backup drives. So having the ability to drop a folder into Singular and quickly evaluate those duplicate files to clear up unnecessarily used space is great.

If you’ve got ugly backups or are just looking for some extra space on your drives, Singular is a nice tool to have.


Donny Raybon

I would like to than the owners of this has lots of good information and i hope that i can contribute to it on a daily basis.thanks and keep it up


After giving it a go, it found ~4000 duplicates in one 2.5Gb archive. Nice. Only problem is that the results window isn’t really good enough, it could really do with some column sorting. Otherwise, you have to scroll and check each group of duplicates individually… I don’t think I can do that.

Maybe a feature request is in order.

Nick Santilli

I forgot to mention there’s an included Dashboard widget for quick Singularizing (that’s a word, right?) and an Auotmator action that’s installed too, so you can create scheduled comparisons. Sounds like that last bit may be just what you need [Jono] for your wife’s regular work laptop dumps.


Good find, this is just what I need.

My wife dumps the contents of her work laptop on me to back up for her every few weeks. So I have folders called ‘Laptop 31/1/07’, ‘Laptop 28/2/07’ etc. containing her work, & the duplicate files are piling up.

I tried TidyUp before but it looked like I really needed to read up on how to use it before understanding it properly.


Nice. I was doing this manually before with some shell jiggery-pokery, but this is much less painful :)

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