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Hictu Brings Video to ‘Microblogging’

Hictu is a new ‘microblogging’ system that lets you post short text, audio and video links and read others’ posts via web and mobile. It brings the bite-sized format made popular by Twitter, combines it with the aggregation of your personal feeds from services like Jaiku and Tumblr, and ads native audio and video support.


While people like Rupert Howe have been posting mobile video and announcing it via Twitter like he does at Twittervlog, Hictu uses a little Flash player to cut the link out of the loop, letting you play the video and audio in-line as you browse your friends list online. Alternately, it will deliver the video or audio directly to phones using picture messages.

Hictu also allows Twitter-style callback replies, with comments on individual posts shown in the web interface. And there no reason you couldn’t pull your existing Twitter, Jaiku or other services into Hictu using RSS feeds. It’s certainly easy enough to use — though the omnipresent AdSense really does serve to clutter up an interface that would seem to demand a layout as minimalist as the content.

Hictu may need to find users that aren’t already on another service, as people get attached to a service and existing friends list — but the site is already localized for Italian and French besides just English. The name, a play on the Latin for ‘here’ and ‘you,’ doesn’t lend itself to becoming part of the nerd lexicon the way ‘Twitter’ and ‘Tweets’ has.

3 Responses to “Hictu Brings Video to ‘Microblogging’”

  1. I don’t know — the tiny video may work for last-gen video phones, but not this gen, and there was no “source” link to see it bigger. I do use the 30 Boxes Greasemonkey script to see Flickr photos inline with Twitter, but yeah, Hictu has it write by accepting and sending picture messages.

  2. This sounds great! I do wonder if Twitter needs to add in video and/or photos soon to capitalise on the buzz around microblogging. The ability to record a quickfire 20-second clip on your webcam and post it to your microblogging service seems like the logical next step for Twitter.

    Although come to think of it, sorting their servers out is probably the MOST logical next step for Twitter ;o)