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GlobalGiving FilmFest – KarmaTube

GlobalGiving, an internet-based charity clearinghouse founded by two former World Bank executives, is running a crowd-sourced contest to promote their many global development projects. Appealing to young filmmakers, GlobalGiving made available raw photos and video footage from projects from all over the world. The contest seeks to find the most compelling film that best connects the viewer to the project.

Using a Phanfare‘s photo and video sharing network, the GlobalGiving FilmFest had project leaders upload photo and video content from the field. Once uploaded, contestants could download the content to edit it into montage-laden promotional pieces. The contest had a focus on entrants 14 to 18 years old, with the first place prize being either a $1,000 academic scholarship or a philanthropic GlobalGiving gift certificate (’tis better to give than receive).

The winning videos will be decided by a public vote, opened June 19 and continuing through to June 29. Check it out on their “KarmaTube.” It’s for a much better cause than most juvenile online video.