ATSC Seeks Mobile/Handheld TV Standard


In a clear indication of the number of different mobile TV technologies available, the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) requested proposals for its Mobile and Handheld Standard (ATSC-M/H) and has received 10 submissions. The standard will enable enable delivery of television content and data to mobile and handheld devices via broadcast DTV signals (release), so appears to be linked to the broadcast networks rather than specific mobile TV networks (I was thinking it’s rather late to try and get a single standard going now that MediaFLO is up and running and DVB-H is very nearly there).

The 10 proposals include A-VSB, a proposed standard jointly developed by Samsung and Rohde & Schwarz; and MPH, which is being promoted by LG Electronics and Harris Corp reports TV Technology. The details of all the proposals haven’t been released, but Qualcomm also tended a proposal so MediaFLO is a fair bet, and Nokia and the Mobile DTV Alliance probably both put forward DVB-H. Other proposals were by Coding Technologies; Coherent Logix; DTS; Micronas Semiconductor; and Thomson.

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