Reader Tip: Easily Relaunch Quicksilver

Regular reader/commenter/fellow Quicksilver guru Jono emailed this great tip for Quicksilver. If you’re a regular user of Quicksilver – especially with the advanced features enabled – you know it can act up from time to time. And while Quicksilver can be used to Force Quit or Relaunch other applications, it’s like trying to tickle yourself, it just doesn’t work.

Regular Reader/Commender Jono, submitted this tip about creating an Automator action that will Force Quit and then Relaunch Quicksilver on your command. To create it for yourself, do the following:

Create a new Automator workflow
Add the ‘Run AppleScript’ action
In there type:

do shell script “killall Quicksilver”
do shell script “open /Applications/”

Now, I saved it as a Finder plugin so that I can right-click (that’s CTRL click for you single-button mouse users) anywhere and choose RQ (Relaunch Quicksilver) action. Works mighty well – Thanks Jono!


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