GSmart T600: everything but the kitchen sink (and 3G)

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Wow, I just caught this Mobile01 review of the GSmart T600 Windows Mobile 6 handheld and had to pass it along. We’ve got quite a few new phones that have hit the U.S. shores here lately, but this phone for Taiwan is extremely impressive in its own right. You get full VGA resolution on the 2.6-inch screen, which I originally thought was overkill. Then I realized that this phone has a DVB-T tuner for watching digital television, which must really shine with that screen! The 520 MHz CPU coupled with 256 MB of ROM and 64 MB of RAM should keep you productive while on the go as well. Rounded out with an ample 1300 mAh battery, Bluetooth, WiFi, 2-megapixel camera and quad-band GSM support, you have to wonder what else you need in a phone, save for the missing 3G. And maybe "the real Internet", whatever that is. ;)

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There’s simply no such thing as overkill in the screen resolution department, as long as the graphical elements get sized properly to fit the resolution and size. I’d love a PDA with 4000×4000 res on, say, 3.5 inches, as long as the hardware could drive it and the fonts were sized to the point where it was readable. Boy howdy would they be smooth. :) Resolution independence, that’s where we need to go, and then keep amping up the resolution everywhere.

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