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Join the Community! will not be participating in Tuesday’s internet radio Day Of Silence. Some members of the site have called on the new CBS acquisition to announce whether it would support independent webcasters such as SomaFM, who are switching off their streams Tuesday in protest at Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) rate hikes they say will cripple their future, particularly now that it is owned by a media group that also owns record labels. But co-founder and CEO Felix Miller wroteon the company blog that continuing to let members play tracks online was always a “no-brainer”: “The only solution to this dilemma is commercial; make a commercial argument and see it through. It

2 Responses to “ Sitting Out Net Radio Day Of Silence”

  1. ethana2

    You don't have to use the copyrighted crap they feed you. Those online radio stations have no option but to use creative commons content exclusively, and let the record labels lose the one market that will survive the next twenty years.

    If they'd rather die that do so, that's they're problem. I don't know why this isn't obvious. I want to see the day when I depend on copyrighted music as much as I, as a Linux and OSS user, depend on copyrighted code. Let them commit suicide. Don't let them take you down with them.

    We can make our own culture, thankyouverymuch. And we won't shred it behind us in realtime. We'll leave something behind, and 50 years down the road, we'll have something to show for it.

    Contact the participatory culture foundation and request that democracy player be extended into an iTunes for creative commons music, if you want to stop this madness.

  2. rodrigo

    The reason is dead simple… have almost assuredly struck a side deal w/ Sound Exchange for a sweetheart rate so they frankly don't care. The more people bite the dust, the less competition there is come July 15th and the happier CBS is. No Live365. No Pandora. More listeners and ad revenue down the line. Ka-ching!

    Go ahead and ask if they've already struck a deal that would release them from the proposed rate increase…. See what they say and then re-evaluate their comments about "it's only fair".