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Exciting Software Updates

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These things happen all the time, but every now and then there are the software update news items that really excite me. This week I went from being out of town, to being out of town… But finally this morning I caught up on the Apple happenings around the web, and couldn’t be happier with a couple items specifically.

First, Ambrosia Software has finally updated Snapz Pro X to a Universal App. That gets one big WOOOOHOOOO from this writer. My [semi] regular screencasts are produced with Snapz Pro X, and it’s generally a painfully slow process for the video to render. This Universal update brings a huge improvement to that render time. Snapz Pro X is $69.

The other item that’s pretty cool, is the collection of tools, iStat Menus. It’s sort of the Delicious Generation version of the Menu Meters offering. iStat Menus gives you quick, Menu bar access to system stats such as CPU, Memory, Drives, Network, Temps, Fans, Bluetooth, and Date/Time. This is a freely available (donationware, which is well worth it!) utility.

5 Responses to “Exciting Software Updates”

  1. Galley

    Ever since I installed iStat Menus, I’m noticing a constant 140KBps outgoing signal on my network. How can I be sure it’s not a false reading? My browsing has not seemed to have slowed down any. Whenever Backup is uploading my setting to my .Mac account, my browsing slows to a crawl.

  2. Snapz Pro worked just fine for me on a MacPro. I was actually quite surprised.

    I’ve downloaded the update anyway, but I’m left wondering if this update is free, or if it will require a new registration/fee? It doesn’t say anything on their Web site. I love the app, but I simply don’t use it enough to pay for an update… especially since the update doesn’t add anything other than being universal.