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Amp’d Signs Deal With Verizon For Network Usage

Amp’d has signed a deal with with Verizon that will see the MVNO continue to use the carrier’s network, in exchange for Amp’d dropping its lawsuit to prevent Verizon kicking it off the network. This gives Amp’d the ability to continue to offer services as it works through its financial woes. “The settlement should help Amp’d Mobile obtain financing to fund its business during its Chapter 11 case. According to court papers filed on Wednesday, the Verizon litigation has “hindered (Amp’d Mobile) to procure debtor in possession financing” reports AP via Forbes.

6 Responses to “Amp’d Signs Deal With Verizon For Network Usage”

  1. Hey Don

    Hey don the hybrid plan is a pre-paid account just becuase they call it something different doesn't mean its not pre-paid. It was there attempt at doing something better for people with out credit. So the wouldn't have to keep adding air time and buying pre-paid cards. And with anything new it takes time to work out the kinks and problems. Maybe you should improve your credit and get a post paid account. If you want anyone to take you serious you might think twice about using that ebonics thing again its dumb!

  2. actually i have paid my bill in full for the first month starting June 6, 2007. I used a english to jive translater for a cool effect.

    Now here is the above in jive!

    actually ah gots paid muh ma fuckin bill in full fo' da first month starting June 6, 2007. I used uh english ta jive translater fo' uh tight effect.
    what 'chew thinking man?

  3. Stoney

    Um wow man english classes maybe. And people wonder why Amp'd filed for bankruptcy maybe because their customers can't pay their bill. Like Don up there…………

  4. I be uh Amp'd Mobile customer an' I signed up fo' service on June 6. Since da 1st day ah signed up fo' uh hybrid account (end da boardom) 1000 anytime minutes, free fo' 90 days unlimited text an' internet muh ma fuckin account has been acting like uh pre-paid account. I git charged fo' going on da net (which should be free fo' 90 days) an' fo' everything dat should be free. They charge me .10cents per minute when I gots 1000 anytime minutes. However I gots ta page at least once uh week or mo' ta gots muh ma fuckin account reactivated cuz dey say I gots nahh money on da account! On Wednesday I had ta spend muh ma fuckin own money ta use muh ma fuckin phone cuz they geekbox wuz down an' wuz told ta use muh ma fuckin own money an' ta page back on thursday an' ax fo' uh credit then, So on Thursday I page back an' be on hold fo' four hours! No one answeres, then on Friday I be on hold fo' 5 hours nahh one picks up! Then on Saturday I git throuh ta regular customer serivce afta an hour on hold who transferes me ta deal tech support fo' da credit (though I be not uh dealer) then afta 2 hours dey hung up on me, I repeat da process ag'in an' afta another 2 hours on hold I git someone who fixes da credit issue, but can not fix until monday da hybrid issue dat wuz ta gots been fixed two weeks ago. I hope Verizon or someone buys Amp'd Mobile! From muh ma fuckin own issues wiff dis here company it nahh wonder dey iz in bankruptcy! They also said dat 4 hour wait times iz normal an' ta just deal wiff it an' dat I should be happy ta wait an' speak wiff some one!!!! These peeps iz just wack nig!!! just like mammy.