Free iTunes Backup for One Year with Bandwagon


The guys at Bandwagon are hooking TAB readers up with a sweet deal!

The first 25 people who send an email to will get the Bandwagon iTunes backup service free for an entire year (a savings of $24).

Bandwagon automatically keeps your entire iTunes collection (music, movies, television shows, games, etc) backed up using a number of storage facility options (S3, FTP, OmniDrive). It’s a fantastic service that is a must for anyone with a substantial collection.

Again, the first 25 people who send an email to will get this deal. So if you really want it, you should act fast.

Happy Friday TABers!

NOTE: I apologize for not clarifying this, or if it wasn’t obvious to you on the Bandwagon site, but Bandwagon doesn’t offer the actual storage itself. They offer the application that helps you keep your iTunes backups synced to an external storage area (such as S3, FTP, etc).


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