On Sale; NYT and DJ Possible Suitors: Report, the Santa Monica-based business info, directory and search site, is on the block, and this WSJ story sure helps get the word out. It even helps that they listed the desired valuation: between $300 million and $400 million. The story says suitors like Dow Jones and New York Times might be interested. Its 2007 EBITDA is about $15 million, it says. was a laughing stock of the industry at one point, when Jake Winebaum and Sky Dayton plunked down $7.5 million on a single Internet domain name back in 1999, making it one of the biggest ever. The company went almost bust after the dotcom bubble, and then came back, focused on its directory business, as well as the launch of its B2B PPC ads service. It raised a $10 million round in 2004.