The VeohTV Giveaway: Get Your Invites Now


We have been playing around with the recently released VeohTV — a desktop software download that allows you to watch web video in a dedicated client, and offers capabilities similar to some of the other P2P TV offerings including Joost.

We took the software for a spin and have been quite impressed by its ease of use and seamless, ad-free viewing experience. Though the client is sparse (it’s in beta), the availability of all the web content in an aggregator for both on and offline viewing makes this software worth taking for a spin. (Veoh founder Dmitry Shapiro explains how VeohTV works in this screencast.) [digg=]

Talking about taking it for a spin: we are giving away Veoh invites. For next one week, Veoh is going to give away 250 invites a day to GigaOM & NewTeeVee readers. All you to do is go to this page and sign up. And come back and share your stories with us.

Warning: VeohTV doesn’t work on Mac and Linux computers.



The world will be a better place when applications are automatically made for cross-platform compatible.


Thanks Om! I am a big fan of Veoh, use their previous Veoh Player and couldn’t wait to try out VeohTV, finally I can.

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