Nokia N95 firmware improves GPS acquisition time


Assisted_gps_nokia_symbianAlthough the overall reviews I’ve read of the Nokia N-series devices are fairly positive, one of the recurring themes I’ve seen is slow GPS system acquisition. GPS is one of those services I consider ‘on-demand’, meaning, when you need it, you pretty much need it quickly and don’t want to wait several minutes just to get started.

Symbian-Guru makes note of a new firmware upgrade for the Nokia N95 that addresses this issue with Assisted-GPS or A-GPS. By looking up cell tower IDs on an assisted server and using your cell location, the phone begins to ‘learn’ where you are much quicker. Case in point: without A-GPS, it took 74 seconds to get a GPS lock. With the A-GPS enabled, it only took 57 seconds. Granted, nearly a minute is still a bit too long in my opinion, but the A-GPS approach is definitely a step in the right direction.

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