Apple Sales Program I’d Like to See


How great would it be if Apple were to offer a Tiered Referral program on sales of their computers? We’ve all probably helped show a friend or two (or several…) the light by bringing them to the Apple platform. Now wouldn’t it be cool to get Referral Bucks or a percentage discount each time you referred a new person into the Apple cult world of computing?

Then we could take that concept a step further: My father in law was responsible for my [re-]entry into using Apple computers, and thus begins the pyramid scheme structure of referrals. So for every person I refer, I get my bucks/percentage off/points (or whatever) and then he either gets a lesser number of points for being the initial referral link. (Oooo – and then when you get enough points in a year, you get a little Apple Branded SmartCar – think the Wii-mobile form the tv commercials. Those Mary Kay ladies have the right idea! Just for the record, I’m laughing idiotically the farther I take this idea.)

Yeah, I know, this is all just ridiculous. Apple Store employees don’t work on commission in the first place, so why should regular consumers get a piece of the pie in any way/shape/form? I’m just enjoying a fun day dream, so humor me here. However, were this to be a valid program, man, I’d have paid for at least one new Mac for myself by now…


Jason Guthrie

Dream on Nick! I’ve been hoping for such a program ever since I got my mac and started “preaching” to friends and family. So far I’ve sold 2 iMacs and 2 MacBooks. By my calculations I should have earned at LEAST an iPhone, right??


I have been proseletyzing Macintosh for years for free to anyone who will listen. Why should Apple pay me anything? Mac people don’t need any incentive program to tell people how much superior their computer is to Windows. We already annoy PC users enough as it is.

TiVo has a rewards program.When anyone signs up for new service, they may enter the email address of the person who recommended it, and that person will receive points towards free merchandise. I am always extolling the value of TiVo over other DVRs. I really love my TiVo. But I have never gotten a single point after 3 years, even though I am sure I have swayed many people to buy. They just didn’t think to credit me when signing up, or maybe they didn’t know my email address.I certainly wouldn’t make a big deal with anybody about giving me credit if they happened to purchase a product that I was endorsing. It makes my opinion seem less honest and objective.


B.K. Lowengard

Actually, if you’re an ACN you can join the Business program which routes sales of most stuff through the Apple store…obviously there are requirements and some nominal fees, but if you
vend but aren’t a vendor it’s a practical solution.
I’m an ACN member, mainly for the Apple
affiliation, but it’s nice to know that these kinds of services are available. If you want to join ACN it’s pretty easy and a good way to leverage your certification needs- I’d be happy to talk to anyone about the program -esp. if you’re an independent professional like me. (lowengard(at)

Avi Flax

I think Apple actually did experiment with an idea like this, back in or around 2004. I remember reading about it, and wanting to participate, but I couldn’t because I had applied for a job at Apple recently, and that disqualified me. I was curious recently if the program was still around, but I couldn’t remember exactly what it was called, and couldn’t find anything through searching. I wonder if any other readers can confirm what I’m talking about?


I don’t think it’s that ridiculous at all. It’s a great idea. IIRC, Apple actually toyed around with this a while back and then decided that making us Mac zealots even more fanatical (in pursuit of cash) was more likely to freak people out than to convert them.

(recall the story of Howard Dean and the orange hats)

Sales Tipster

Have you looked at They don’t pay much (usually just 1% but sometimes there are promotional periods that pay more) but if you are helping a friend order all it takes is a click through their website to get some $$$ back.

Over the last two years I’ve earned close to $2000 a portion of which from helping friends with their PC and Mac purchases.

The funds are available for a paypal or printed check transfer usually 90 days after the sale.

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