Apple Sales Program I’d Like to See

How great would it be if Apple were to offer a Tiered Referral program on sales of their computers? We’ve all probably helped show a friend or two (or several…) the light by bringing them to the Apple platform. Now wouldn’t it be cool to get Referral Bucks or a percentage discount each time you referred a new person into the Apple cult world of computing?

Then we could take that concept a step further: My father in law was responsible for my [re-]entry into using Apple computers, and thus begins the pyramid scheme structure of referrals. So for every person I refer, I get my bucks/percentage off/points (or whatever) and then he either gets a lesser number of points for being the initial referral link. (Oooo – and then when you get enough points in a year, you get a little Apple Branded SmartCar – think the Wii-mobile form the tv commercials. Those Mary Kay ladies have the right idea! Just for the record, I’m laughing idiotically the farther I take this idea.)

Yeah, I know, this is all just ridiculous. Apple Store employees don’t work on commission in the first place, so why should regular consumers get a piece of the pie in any way/shape/form? I’m just enjoying a fun day dream, so humor me here. However, were this to be a valid program, man, I’d have paid for at least one new Mac for myself by now…


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