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India’s Gaming Market To Hit 10 Times 2006 Levels in 2010

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India’s gaming market could hit the $125 million mark in 2010, up from $13 million in 2006, according to a report by market research group iSuppli. The article doesn’t explain the reasons for this possible jump very clearly, except by citing the sales potential for gaming consoles in the country, which is bound to attract numerous players. The study predicts the gaming business to touch $45.10 million in 2008. While a lower priced gaming console will help boost the market further, duties, which comprise about 35 percent of the product price in India, will continue to hinder legal sales of video-game-consoles.

6 Responses to “India’s Gaming Market To Hit 10 Times 2006 Levels in 2010”

  1. Yes This is the future of indian gaming industry….

    According to California based Pearl research institute it will be about dollar 200 m…

    As i made a research report on Indianm gaming market i m sure more or less it willl be true…

    Many internatuional studios are trying to start theidr operation here…….

    I found one Game DOFUS which ids reallly a nice and tactical game ,

    internet cafe's are increasing and improving their infrastructure for providing better gaming experience

    PC and internnet penetration rate is increasing and the most important thing is broadband connections are taking lead upto dial-up connections…

  2. MobStir


    ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!



    Thats the cound of vc money being invested and interested parties laughing their way to the bank. We need to stop this bullshit about the great future to sell companies. Lets focus on reality and the here and now.