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Wednesday Morning Vid-Biz Headlines

Truveo Crows about Accomplishments; and rightfully so, given the video search engine’s dominance. We’ve written about most of this before, but AOL-owned Truveo is doing a press tour about its traffic (39 million monthly uniques across the sites it powers), partners (including Microsoft, which was never before officially acknowledged), and growth (50 percent month-over-month for the last six months). (release)

AT&T Launches Live Video over 3G, one-way streaming directly from the handset. (release)

iPhone to Launch with YouTube; first device to use the site’s new H.264-encoded videos, 10,000 of them available when the much-awaited phone comes out June 29. (release)

Lonelygirl15’s Signs Neutrogena; new frontiers in online video product placement, with the cosmetics maker sponsoring a scientist character on the show. (Variety)

RAZR Getting Two Hours Video Storage; Motorola CEO Ed Zander talks up personal content distritbution at NXTcomm. (ZDNet)

Online Dating Gets Online Advice Show; ON Networks launching web series to help people navigate online dating, produced by NBC Universal Digital Studios. (release, site)

9 Responses to “Wednesday Morning Vid-Biz Headlines”

  1. marcHD

    Wondering if you can get a comment from YOUTUBE re
    “Lonelygirl15’s Signs Neutrogena”, since there Terms and Conditions prohibit using their platform for Paid product placement content?

    They have made it clear in the past that they will not allow producers to upload content where their metrics are used to support paid product placement — Has anything changed now that Google’s in the picture?