Sprint doubles down on the Right Plan Promise

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Sprint_logoNot sure if this was a related by-product of my recent hate mail love letter to the wireless carriers, but yesterday Sprint announced something beneficial….to the consumer. You can pick yourself up off the floor now and catch the details: Sprint’s Right Plan Promise now allows you to make changes to your cellular plan in the first six months of your contract without requiring two additional years of cellular servitude. Actually, the prior plan had the same leniency, but you had to make your changes within three months.

Kudos to Sprint, although you have to wonder if all the non-AT&T customers expressing interest in a certain new phone next week had anything to do with this. Just sayin……

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This could have to do with alltels new adverts discussing the fact that you can change your plan anytime, so theyre making a concession, to keep the natives from getting restless.

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