SPB releases one shell of a program: Mobile Shell 1.5

Spb_mobile_shell_1_5OK, I’ll concede that the HTC Touch is a Windows Mobile 6 phone with a cool shell. Inside the chocolatey-center it’s still Win Mo 6. If the Touch isn’t quite satisfying your taste buds, you can still put a very nice shell on on your Win Mo handset with SPB’s Mobile Shell, just upgraded to version 1.5.

New in this version:

  • Now Screen professional layout
  • Menu customization
  • Easy item pinning on Today
  • Ability to change order of pinned items
  • Third party plug-ins support
  • Now Screen as lock screen
  • Device locking usability improvements
  • Assigning Spb Menu actions to hardware keys
  • Bigger city database (10000 cities supported)
  • Simple phone profiles
  • Phone profile, alarm, graphic calendar on Now Screen
  • Option to hide menu after program launch
  • Battery life optimizations
  • Performance and stability improvements
  • Better and more reliable appointment handling on Now Screen
  • Minimize All added to Task Manager
  • Two additional photo speed dial tabs
  • Talk button works from Spb Contacts
  • Several more minor changes and bugfixes

The initial version scored a 5 out of 5 from Aximsite, so with all of these upgrades, I expect to see a 6 out of 5. If you can’t wait for a full review, just click the link for a 15-day free trial. You’ll need Windows Mobile 5 or 6, plus a touchscreen; Mobile Shell isn’t for the Smartphone or Standard Edition of WM.

(via Mobility Site)


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