Sony Reader to support Adobe Digital Editions


Sony_readerHuzzah! Sony’s ‘go it alone’ attitude might be continuing to shift towards a friendlier approach now that they’ve announced future Sony Reader support for the new Adobe Digital Editions format. We mentioned the Digital Editions beta product a few times before and just this week, Adobe released the final product. This is fantastic news because the best eBook hardware in the world is ultimately only as good as the content and formats it supports. Related info about the new product from the press release:

"With native support for Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) andXML-based publications, Adobe Digital Editions already works seamlesslywith more than 150,000 commercially published titles. Using AdobeDigital Editions 1.0 readers will find that content automaticallyre-flows, adapting to different screen sizes and support for AdobeFlash® software promises to enhance digital publications through theintegration of rich audio and video."

One interesting tidbit I haven’t come across an answer to yet: what support, if any, will current Sony Reader owners get with regards to Adobe Digital Editions?



I have updated the firmware of my PRS-505 and I can now view Adobe Digital Editions on it. However, the experience is very clunky. The book “i, Robot”, at minimum zoom has giant empty borders and small text. If you “zoom” to make the text bigger, it fills the screen, but it uses the original page boundaries in a clunky way. Each page is one screen filled with text, and one partially filled screen to finish off the original page. It will not merge the text of one page with the text of another, so you repeatedly have to read partially filled pages.

The native sony format works much better as it provides you a full page of text for each page flip no matter what text-size you read with.


I agree, I have not purchased it yet because it lacks digital edition support.


I agree, I have not purchased it yet because it lacks digital edition support.

Ron Compton

Where is that support for Adobe Digital Editions in the Sony 505? I bought one on this promise and as far as I can tell, it doesn’t support Adobe Digital Editions at all.

Hopefully, I’m wrong.


This is _amazing_ news. I know that the folks over at mobileread have been clamoring for better PDF support and this avenue might just allow the Sony Reader to display things more accurately in general.

Now, if Adobe starts restricting things….


Mike Whalen

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