Samsung hybrid hard drives available: 160 GB with 256 MB flash


Samsung_hybriddriveLaptoping found the new Samsung hybrid hard drives available for sale at one on-line retailer. If you want to drop $299 for a notebook upgrade, you’ll get 160 GB of storage plus 256 MB of supplemental flash memory. You should eek out up to 30 minutes more of battery life using this drive in tandem with Windows Vista ReadyDrive, but I don’t have a notebook with a 2.5-inch drive to test this. No 1.8-inch love here.

You’ll also benefit from a boot time reduction of around 50% and between 70% to 90% less overall drive power consumption, as the drive is advertised to keep the platters idle 99% of the time due to the flash cache. Numbers and reality aside, hybrid hard drives might be an inexpensive transition while we wait for SSD flash drives to rise in capacity while decreasing in cost. Last check had you getting a 32 GB SSD drive for around $475; at that price, you could get the 160 GB hybrid drive and still have a down payment for your iPhone.



i’ll rather just get the ssd and skip the iphone down payment.

Tommy Rush

I was going to buy one but the reviews on newegg seem bad.

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