NTV Moneymaker: Read NewTeeVee!


Okay, maybe that headline is a bit of hyperbole, but yesterday we got a piece of great reader feedback. Mark Schoneveld, a regular reader and commenter here at NewTeeVee dropped us a line to let us know he got a new job:

A while back you wrote about this company XLNTads on NewTeeVee. You mentioned they were in Philly, where I live, so I went to check them out… Turns out, they were looking to hire someone *exactly* like me to be their ‘Community Manager’… Crazy! I’m actually makin’ some cash doing video work, but I was pysched about working for a start-up. Not many of those opportunities out this way. At least in Philly. They offered me part-time (which I needed because of my other projects) and bought me a brand new MacBook Pro! Yes! Getting paid to watch video, talk to cool people and blog. I can handle that.

No, Mark, thank you! If you don’t know his work, he writes about having fun on the cheap at his blog The Poverty Jet Set, and produces a vlog about great Cheap Dates in the City of Brotherly Love (check out an episode after the jump). If we’re ever hanging out on South Street together, you’re buying the cheesesteaks, dude.

NTV Moneymaker is an irregular feature in which we showcase a way to make a living with your video skills.


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