Are Apple’s iPhone Crosshairs on VOIP?

Alumnus of The Apple Blog, Chris Holland, is back to ranting about his tech-mistress, SIP. And although the concept may sound far-fetched at the onset, the idea at the core is pure genius, and in this writer’s opinion, has Apple written all over it.

Chris postulates the iPhone as being the vehicle Apple will use to create a converged communications device. Huh? Basically, All you as the user of the [iPhone] device care about is calling Bob. You don’t care if you’ve got cell coverage, or wifi access, or where Bob is currently located, you just want him on the other end of the line. The idea being that iPhone takes care of the behind the scenes using SIP (open, worldwide technologies as opposed to various national networks) to connect you from anywhere, on any connection, to anyone.

“Apple could easily roll out its own SIP infrastructure as part of the .Mac framework, increasing their chances of providing a superior out-of-the-box experience, while promoting the .Mac brand to … competitive usefulness. From here, the sky’s the limit as to what Apple can do, leveraging iPhone’s brand and near ubiquitous and still increasing WiFi penetration. Forget about fighting over 3G vs GSM. WiFi and IP are universal WorldWide.”

Chris puts it much more eloquently than I do, and makes some very thought-provoking points. His argument is solid enough that I really could see Apple going in this direction. (Guess they’ll have to wrestle with Cisco over that whole iPhone thing again, should they go for the VOIP space, but that’s another story altogether.)


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