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It’s Official: Yahoo Acquires; Not Official But True: It Cost About $100 Million

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imageAs we were first to report in early April, Yahoo was on the verge of acquiring college sports network It took a few months to complete, finally closing after months of digging through Rivals’ plethora of distribution contracts and a yes vote from the Yahoo board Tuesday. The terms aren’t being released but the amount is close to the $100 million we reported earlier. Back in April, we were told by executives dealing with online sports acquisitions that was worth $50-75 million in the context of sports media companies. FIM paid $60 million for competitor in September 2005.

For Yahoo, it’s a substantial investment in media at a time when the company’s every move is under a microscope. Yahoo Sports is part of SVP Scott Moore’s portfolio. He explained the acquisition in an interview Wednesday:

— Moore describes Rivals as “extremely complementary to Yahoo Sports,” filling a collegiate sports gap. (Yahoo has been licensing content from Rivals.) “It’s about investing in our media leadership…. We’re doubling down on the media businesses [within our company].” As for the price, while he wouldn’t discuss details, when asked about the belief in some parts that $100 million is too much, Moore replied, “That’s always a subjective judgment

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  2. This is great buy by Yahoo. Its not some vapour revenue site. Rivals makes cash, delivers viewers and adds plenty of online cred to Yahoo's sports efforts. Very focused audience which is great for ad sales. Great move by Yahoo.