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Amp’d Mobile Gets A Week’s Lifeline; Can Take Money; Sues Verizon

Some more interim developments in the Amp’d Mobile Chapter 11 bankruptcy court proceedings: the judge had extended its lifeline for another week, allowing the mobile phone network to tap $7.5 million in cash belonging to lender Verizon Wireless…the judge signed off on Amp’d request to use Verizon’s cash collateral until June 25. Bunch of other details, but key point is Verizon agreed to these interim terms. Amp’d owes Verizon, its largest creditor, about $33 million.
This despite an associate case from Amp’d: a lawsuit filed by it against VZW, seeking a court order barring the company from kicking Amp’d off its network. A bankruptcy court hearing on that dispute is scheduled for June 25 in Wilmington, reports AP.

4 Responses to “Amp’d Mobile Gets A Week’s Lifeline; Can Take Money; Sues Verizon”

  1. hey Jo strangely enough I had the exact same thing happen on the 26th and haven't had an hour to sit on hold, that is except for today when I was on hold for about 30 minutes when it turned 6:59 and I mysteriously got disconnected. The called right back and the most amazing coincidence of all was they closed at 7:00 and won't open again for the next two days. I sure am glad I'm part of the "leader in mobile entertainment"

  2. My service was suspended June 26 (erroneously) after spending hours on hold, I finally got customer service (what a joke) on the line. She said she would restore my service, It is now June 29th and i still have no service. I have tried for three days to get tech support on the phone, hours listening to their God-awful music and then to get disconnected. Another phone company says Ampd is notorious for this and they only have a couple of people working in each department. The the customer service person said their "call volume was too high for them to handle" HMMMMMMMM! wonder why? They have no employees! Amp'd is probably slowly but surely phasing out! Worst phone company in the history of phone companies. Should have known it was too good to be true!

  3. So I called Ampd yesterday and was told their systems were down all day and to call back middle of the next day on june 21, 2007 to see if teir systems were up again. They would not say why their systems were down. I have a hybrid 1000 end the boardom plan and my plan acts like a pre paid, I told them my phone says I only have $3.00 left and I needed Ampd to place more money on it they said to pay it my self and to call back later to get a refund.