U.K., Teens Leading in Online Video Viewing

The United Kingdom is tops in streamed online video consumption, compared to the United States, France and Germany according to the latest report from comScore. Eighty percent of the Internet browsing public over the age of 15 watched a video in April. Viewers went primarily to YouTube and Google Video, who counted 16 million uniques and over 600 million streams out of a total of nearly 25 million online video viewers.


In the graph above, the size of the point indicates the total amount of time online spent watching video, in which France led the way. American viewers only spent 6 percent of their time online watching video, maybe a result of generally slower broadband than is available in the European countries. The numbers confirm that YouTube was smart to finally localize today.

Another study from Magid Media Futures and additional information from comScore paints a clearer picture of online video viewership stateside.

The comScore numbers from March show that, as in the U.K., Google sites still lead in the U.S. in terms of total online video consumption as well, with Yahoo in second and Fox in third. Of the seven billion streams initiated in the month of March, nearly 17 percent, or over 1.1 billion were served by YouTube or Google Video.

Who’s watching all those streams? Primarily 18- to 24-year-old men, with 35 percent of that demographic watching online video on a daily basis, according to a Magid study covered by Online Media Daily.

Year-over-year online video usage for all Americans aged 12 to 64 rose 56 percent. Younger people are generally watching jokes and bloopers, and older viewers news, with news generally dominant (having a history of driving online video traffic). Women aged 55 to 64 were the smallest audience, with only 39 percent tuning in to online shows weekly.