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T-Mobile tech support- just going through the motions

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Tmob_logoIf you’ve ever had the good bad fortune to call a wireless carrier’s technical support you will find the following account all too familiar and sadly not atypical.  I had to call T-Mobile’s tech support once a few months ago and it was an exercise in frustration, especially since T-Mobile had made an erroneous change to my network setup remotely.  Sean of Community Group Therapy had a problem and T-Mobile tech support went above and beyond the call of duty to frustrate him to the point of running him off the network.  He’s written a detailed account of how the T-Mobile tech support staff have a set of steps they must go through, even though it adds nothing to solving the customer’s problem.  The saddest part of this saga is how after jumping through hoops the system and getting the problem escalated to "Advanced" tech support since he didn’t call them back (yet again) in a certain amount of time they automatically marked the ticket as resolved.  I guess this keeps their open help tickets down to a manageable level, but it means the customer who has gone through multiple steps and spent what could easily be hours with the support staff on the phone must start over again.  I feel your pain, Sean.

Supervisor: “I understand, what do you want me to do?  You don’t reallyhave any other option here.”  Me: “Don’t have an option?  Hah.  I candrop you as a service provider.”  Supervisor: “Yes, you could dothat.”  This was maybe the most depressing part of the call.  Shereally didn’t care.  And it was clearly not because she’s a badperson but because she has given up on her own employer.  I actuallyfelt sorry for her.  I couldn’t yell at her.  I said goodbye.

One Response to “T-Mobile tech support- just going through the motions”

  1. I had just the opposite experience last night.

    I just started trying out T-Mobile and their Internet service on Monday using my daughter’s Nokia E61. Everything worked fine on Monday. On Tuesday, I lost access completely. I tried using the T-Mobile website to diagnose the problem but it was less than useless. I tried doing a Google search but could not find anything of relevance.

    I finally called Tech Support. I was taken care of but a friendly, enthusiastic person. She went through a number of different possibilities before she got it working again after having to reset it a couple of times.

    Before hanging up I told her that I was having problems connecting to the network in the building where I work. She did some investigating on-line, found the cell tower and told me they were having trouble and it was being checked out by engineering. She entered my contact information into their system so that I will receive a text message when their is a status update.

    So I have no complaints, at least at this point.