Opera Mini 4 beta released, test drive simulator available

Opera_mini_4This morning Opera released their widely anticipated Opera Mini 4 web browser in beta. You can hit up the Opera Mini 4 site and use the beta on practically any traditional mobile phone that has web access and start optimizing the big Internet for your small-screened device. If you’d rather give the new version a test drive, you can do so right here: no helmet or other safety gear is required.

Blackberry and Palm OS device owners can use the new browser as well, but you folks are special. You get a manual installation which you can find here for Palm and here for Blackberry.

The virtual mouse looks pretty neat and I see some other enhancements that make this version better than the prior: the suggested reading spot and power scrolling jump out at me on the Top 10 features list. Then again, they might have been in the prior version; since I don’t use a standard mobile phone, I might have missed them last time. ;)

Update: Daniel Goldman from Opera reached out to me; he’s got a complete list of the new features right here. Most interesting: a new ‘desktop’ layout that looks to compete squarely with Safari on the Apple iPhone. Thanks Dan!


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