Intel goes ‘all in’ at the UMPC poker table

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Intel_david_perlmutterRichard Martin provides a well-rounded UMPC overview article in this week’s print issue of InformationWeek. The mag arrived in my mailbox yesterday but you can read the full story on-line. Folks that follow every detailed development in this space might not come away with much that’s new, but people that are just hearing the term ‘UMPC’ now, this piece is an excellent place to start.

One arguable impression I came away with: while Intel is driving change for handheld computing, they didn’t face a mobile smartphone processor failure. At this point, I suspect that Intel sold their XScale product to Marvell because they saw a bigger future in small CPU chips that are energy efficient and can drive a full computer, i.e.: UMPCs. Based on some comments in the article, look for them to use their UMPC efforts as a second coming in a new smartphone market.

One other thing I just noticed: in the pic of Intel’s VP David Perlmutter (credit: InformationWeek), I see that the MID he’s holding has two long rows of indentations on the keys: the first and the third row. Just an observation. Could be nothing more than a way than a tactile positioning item, but it’s interesting and different.

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