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AT&T Stores Prepare for iPhone Hordes

Ars reports that AT&T stores will be closing early on June 29th in order to setup and prepare for the 6pm launch of the iSecondComing, er, iPhone. There will be nice velvet ropes to que the eager techies into the stores and handle sales on a first come first served basis. Oh, and they’ll be closing at 10pm in case the 4 phones per store hold out that late…

Couple questions comes to mind:

1 – How many people will really be lining up for this ‘event’? OS X releases are generally mad houses – and those are attended only by Mac-wielding fans. With the iPhone being an equal opportunity (or OS) piece of tech, this could be one crazy night. I’ve a feeling these AT&T retails stores are in over their heads on this one.

2 – Will the AT&T employees be instructed to clap and cheer when they open the doors, similar to big Apple Store events? Will there be Apple Store staff on hand to supplement the AT&T staff?

Should be one interesting evening my friends. Who’s going to be attending?

14 Responses to “AT&T Stores Prepare for iPhone Hordes”

  1. I don’t think there will be a lot of people getting them to put them on Craigslist and eBay due to the 2-iPhone limit and having to give up SSN.

    I will be going first thing in the morning to hang out at the Apple Store all day and then wait in line from 2PM until the 6PM opening.

    I’m just stoked they’re open until midnight so I can hang out and talk to other iPhone addicts and maybe get a few interviews with other owners. I’ve been looking forward to this day since the January Macworld Keynote.

  2. Not only will we have to fight the masses that will be lining up because they actually want one…all the prospectors looking to sell a unit on eBay and Craigslist will be there as well. I predict scarcity and chaos. Harder to find than a Nintendo Wii. Good luck all!

  3. YodaMac

    For those of you checking with your AT&T stores – remember it is only Corporate AT&T stores that will have iPhones for sale on the 29th. Actually in the stores. :)

  4. 4 phones per store? Yeesh. If that’s general knowledge it should be enough to keep the lines fairly short (why stand in line 20 deep if they only have 4?).

    Having Apple staff on hand would be huge, as by my experience the average Apple Store employee runs circles around most phone pushing folks, no matter the carrier.

    But I think the Apple crews will have their hands full.

  5. I’ve been to 8 different AT&T stores in the past month, and in each one there is only 1 person up front helping people and another (the manager) hiding in the back room.

    If there is going to be any “events” AT&T sure doesn’t seem like they know about it.

  6. I will definitely be getting one, if possible. I actually called a Cingular store today and they said that most stores won’t even get them in stock, people have to order them when they come in. Not sure if I buy that though.

  7. I was wondering the same thing. Personally, the timing (and my location) is just barely off for me, so it looks like I won’t be able to line up like I’d like to. Hopefully one can buy one online somehow (and, if so, hopefully the education discount still applies).

    Anyway, the one difference between the iPhone and, say, Tiger’s launch is that most people could just go out and grab Tiger. Not everyone who wants an iPhone is going to be able to leap out of their contract with other carriers. Some might be waiting a couple months, some might decide to wait another year until their service is up, and some will be there on Friday to pick it up no matter what. It’ll be interesting how launch day ends up.

  8. fog city dave

    Actually, no, you’re both wrong. The word is “hoards”. Sheesh, get an editor for the love of god. Having misspellings in your story headlines is just pathetic.