Zune Adding MTV Videos?

zuneblack.jpgHarvey Chute, who writes The Zunerama blog, had an interesting discovery when looking through the innards of his computer. In the ZuneMarketplace.dll, he found some text strings that are apparently unused at present but show that there is a good chance that VH1, and CMT might be available on Zune.

is this Marketplace DLL snippet just a vestige from WMP 11 and its URGE integration… that accidentally got carried over into the internals of Zune software? Or is this a sign of things to come in Zune Marketplace?

Since these hints are in a file related to Zune marketplace, there is a good chance these videos might be up for sale in the near future. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Microsoft is going down this path, because Apple has been pretty successful at selling music video downloads via its iTunes music store.

Check out his screen shots, and share your thoughts with us.