Monday Morning Vid-Biz Headlines


ESPN Creating More Mobile Video programming to appeal to younger viewers on the go. Most interesting is the graph from Forrester Research showing how computers and phones now more valuable than televisions to the youngest. (NY Times)

17mobilegraphic.gif Has Delivered 300 Million Streams since October 2006. Initially Nielsen had said NBC streams didn’t register on its meter, but lately NBC seems to be leading online. (emailed release)

Lil’ Bush Has Strong Debut; draws 2.1 million viewers in series premiere of mobile phone-turned television series, but gets some bad reviews (MediaWeek)

Grouper Relaunching; “The service will get a new name and look, along with a robust set of new features such as themed channels with exclusive content,” alongside other Sony online initiatives. (WSJ)

PodTech Needs to Pay Up for using photo by NoodleScar Daily‘s Lan Bui; company is facing some vlogger backlash. (Lan Bui)

Blockbuster Picks Blu-Ray which could spell doom for HD-DVD. (AP)

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