kctOnTheRun today and tomorrow



Sounds catchy, but no, it’s not a spin-off blog. ;) Just a quick note indicating that I have been on the run: taking care of a major home project with my father instead of taking care of the mobile tech news today. I’ve been completely unplugged from the ‘The Matrix’ since 1:00am this morning, which has to be longer than Agent Smith was ever absent. I’m still cleaning up the odds and ends from the big task, which was insulating and skirting our major purchase from last year: an Endless Pool. Of course, we picked the hottest day of the year in Philly to do this, which tells you how effective I am at home projects. Read: not very and the ‘real world’ stinks!

I’ll be off the grid tomorrow afternoon tomorrow as well, but it’s a mobile tech activity. I’ll be driving into New York City to meet a few of my esteemed peers and I’m very excited by the prospect. I mentioned last week that Michael Gartenberg is supposed to be part of the small group and maybe I’ll do an ink-blog post from the Big Apple to share the names of everyone else. I can give you a pretty obvious hint of another person I’m supposed to meet tomorrow: just check his picture gallery of the new Motorola Q9M and you’ll have another name of our little Mobile Justice League. Just the name though..not the identity. ;)



How did you get that gray color scheme in onenote? Mine is that icky blue and there’s no where to change it. :-)

Aaron Walker

I was wondering if something had happened to you guys! Thought your server went down or something.

Welcome back to the Matrix. Re-assimilation complete :)

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