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What’s At Stake With iPhone

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Professional contrarian John Heilemann has a cover story about Steve Jobs in the latest issue of New York Magazine, and tackles the “reality distortion field” around iPhone, and how things could go wrong, taking cues from Jobs’ past. A very good job with the story, though his observations coming out of D conference sounds very anecdotal and well, wrong, since I was there too and observed pretty much the same things he did.
Anyway, the last two paras of the long story say it all: “Less than two weeks from now, when the phone hits the streets, the consumerist pandemonium will likely be hysterical. Once again, Jobs may have fashioned a totemic object that will capture the culture–and cause rival CEOs to have coronary events. No one else in history has pulled of this kind of coup, as Jobs has, with four different products. The Apple II. The Mac. The iPod. The computer-animated feature film. Betting against a track record like that would be a dangerous wager. Especially when you know, deep down, that you want an iPhone. Bad….But Jobs has been wrong before. And if the iPhone proves a disappointment, his reputation will take a precipitous tumble: from unerring visionary to just another overreaching mogul. What

2 Responses to “What’s At Stake With iPhone”

  1. Mike Amin

    It is worth noting that Apple already launched a phone… and failed. We all remember the ill-fated Motorola iTunes phone. Apple, like several times before, learned from their mistake (licensing their software to 3rd-party hardware companies), and Jobs is not one to bomb twice in a row. This is why speculating that the iPhone may not succeed is almost a farce… everyone knows this thing is going to sell like hot cakes, and truly hit the mainstream when a bug-free version 2.0 comes out.