YouTube Mobile Is Live

Check it out folks, the mobile, non-carrier-guarded version of YouTube is here — and right on schedule for the June date that a YouTube spokesperson told us about a few months ago. You need a phone that supports streaming video and should probably have a good mobile data plan.

The best part is that you no longer have to purchase Verizon Wireless’ truncated, lame service to see YouTube on yer phone. A YouTube spokesperson told us in March that as soon as Verizon’s YouTube exclusivity clause was over in June, the site would go live. That deal deadline must have just hit the dustbin.

We’re a little disappointed that the site falls short of a true mobile YouTube experience, where viewers can watch any video that’s on the web on the mobile. The site’s FAQ section says:

We have a selected library of videos on the mobile website. We try to make the best videos from the website available on mobile, and we are working hard to add more content.

OK, we believe them. A YouTube spokesperson told us in March that the limited mobile web site is an experiment to see how well the service is received, and that the intention is to offer access to the entire video catalog eventually. Looking forward to it.

Here is a list of some other options for watching videos on the mobile.