Missing Sync For Windows Mobile 6 in Beta


missing sync winmoThe folks at Missing Sync sent out an email over the weekend to announce some updates to their line of PDA and Smartphone syncing software. While users of Palm devices may be glad to hear that Missing Sync for Palm version 6 has been released, that wasn’t the exciting news to yours truly.

It seemed as if the Missing Sync team was watching my Twits (yes, I’m actually trying to use – and almost sort of enjoying – Twitter: nicksantilli) when I asked recently for support for Windows Mobile 6. You see I upgraded my Blackjack and it’s rocking my world more than ever before. Alas, the upgrade broke my ability to sync with my MacBook.

Well the news from Mark Space is that the next version of Missing Sync for Windows Mobile, Version 4 (which is confusing in its naming, because it’s in support of Windows Mobile 6 platform) is now available in beta form. The Gold version won’t be out until this fall, but you can test drive it now – in the process, helping quash any bugs along the way. I just started using it, and I’m really excited.

Upon first run, it requires you install a phone-side client. OK then. Well the features you can now sync are growing in number – specifically the SMS log, Call log, MarkSpace Tasks, etc. So it’s a nice update, and it works with WinMo6 which is all I really cared about. But that’s not the biggest news…

Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 4 provides Bluetooth connectivity, syncing, and storage access!! That’s huge if you’ve got a Blackjack, as there were previously no connectivity options via Bluetooth, with your Mac. I haven’t toyed with any settings to try to tether via Bluetooth yet, but syncing is a BIG step in the right direction.

Interested parties can snag the beta from the MarkSpace website, here. The official update will cost $39.95, while an upgrade will be $24.95.



I think that only the “Alpha Build” (and not the “Beta”) is available at this point.

I installed the Alpha Build on my MacBook, and I was suddenly unable to do word searches in the Finder. I could view everything find in the folders, but after typing words in the search field, no results would ever appear. I restarted the computer, but that didn’t fix the problem. I then tried to delete Missing Sync, but that didn’t fix the problem either. Finally, I re-installed OS X, and now the word search function in the Finder is working great. After this experience with the Alpha Build, I might wait for the true “Beta” or “Gold” release before I attempt to install Version 4 again.


what did it take to do the upgrade to wm6 on the blackjack?

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