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jkOTR Mobile Media Edition 34: First look at Sprint HTC Mogul


Click here to get the MP4 or WMV version (21 minutes)

Jk_icon_100pixTimefor another jkOTR Mobile Media Edition!  In this show #34 we are happyto bring you a first look at the just released Sprint HTC Mogul WindowsMobile 6 smartphone.  The Mogul is the successor to the popularPPC-6700 and we give you a comparison of the two devices along with agood look at the new, svelte Mogul.

Here are the specs of this sweet HTC Mogul:

  • Slide-out QWERTY keyboard
  • 4.33" x 2.32" X 0.73"
  • 5.8 ounces
  • Intel PXA-263
  • 64 MB RAM; 256 MB ROM
  • CDMA (1900 & 800 MHz)
  • EVDO Rev. 0 (Upgradable to Rev. A)
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g
  • Bluetooth
  • 1500 mAH standard battery (4 hour talk time); 2100 mAH optional battery
  • Sprint Power Vision network


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18 Responses to “jkOTR Mobile Media Edition 34: First look at Sprint HTC Mogul”

  1. This phone is terrable. I have had 4 phones since August. It has a multitude of software issues. It locks up, turns off and dosn’t function correctly. This phone needs a major over haul. Do not get this phone.

  2. I have replaced my Treo 650 with the Mogul, have hated every minute with the damn thing. Have to reboot it once every two weeks, and I haven’t installed anything on it. Not even “on demand”.

    The palm device was far more useful and user friendly. For example, the phone virtual buttons change places based on what you are doing. It is very annoying to have the call history button change places all the time…and why do I have to change modes for a keypad or the ability to turn on my speaker phone.

    Also, every time I use the wifi, I have to turn off the phone portion or it will make a phone call instead of using the wifi. you can’t even force the wifi to be default for IE.

  3. Thanks for the quick review. I am interested in the type of microSD slot, will it take the > than 2GB SDHC (?some obscure acronym) type cards? I have seen >8GB MicroSD cards and would love to be able to use a larger one in this phone. (I miss the CF card slot of the axim)

  4. Stephen, per the tech specs on Sprint’s site, the Mogul/6800 weighs 5.8 ounces while the older 6700 weighs 6.1 ounces. Not much of a difference, but that’s probably why the Mogul “feels lighter” to James.

  5. Stephen H

    Kenneth, the Cnet review goes over the speakerphone quality as being sub-par; I believe their review to probably be accurate as saying it is of similar quality to the 6700’s speakerphone.

  6. Kenneth P

    Nice review, but overlooked the one thing I want to know. Does the speaker phone and phone portion still suffer from the low volume that plagued the 6700? In my opinion, the lake of a good sounding / audible phone was the single biggest problem with the 6700’s.

  7. Stephen H

    Another suggestion that would be appreciated is encoding WMV keyframes, so we can seek in the video when playing in Windows Media Player. We know you’re a Mac fan now, but please don’t forget about us Windows readers.

  8. Stephen H.

    The WMV file is huge because although the video is encoded properly, the audio bitrate is WAY too high. 1169kbps for video and 1328kbps for audio? That’s a lot of overkill; just as a suggestion try 192kbps for audio; you can probably even get away with 64kbps wma9 since it’s only voice. I for one would appreciate the consideration for us non-iTunes users. :)

  9. Sweet phone and something for me to consider as an upgrade to my XV6700.

    Stephen, I’m one of those “don’t have a data card” folks that uses these devices to tether to a notebook computer. I prefer a phone for my data connection as it’s cheaper for me and I can use it across all my devices, i.e.: I don’t need a PC Card slot!

    Thanks HTC for providing a review unit. Nice phone!

  10. Hey James,

    Nice video as usual. You always crack me up with these. You’re like a little kid who refuses to read the instructions. Play time is too important!! :-)

    As a sidenote, I was thinking of a story suggestion. You’ve often pointed out that you use a data card for your devices. But I know that having a data card is often an expensive proposition. Many people would like one, but don’t want the additional costs associated with a second wireless device. Some are like me and use their phone via bluetooth to connect from their laptop to the Internet. Since the Mogul now (finally) has Bluetooth 2.0, it can take full advantage of the EvDO rev. 0 speeds (can’t wait to see the Rev. A upgrade).

    It might be an interesting review to see how a P1610 with a data card (don’t cheat, use a Rev. 0 card!) stacks up against a setup of the P1610 being paired with a Mogul via BT.

    Anyway, just an idea. Keep up the good work!