@ Mobile Content World: Personalizing Sites By Knowing The User

Jennifer Wilson, managing director of HWW, gave a very good talk on personalizing mobile content sites (WAP, portals, whatever). She started by describing an internal checklist adopted by Ericsson to identify a “perfect user experience”, the 0-1-2-3 rule:
–0 or no required user behavioural changes
–1 log on, point of entry
–2 sec response time
–3 no more than three clicks away

Wilson said that in order to do this you really need to know the user, and that’s best achieved by carriers and content providers working together. The carriers know who the customer is, some of their spending habits, whether they’re post- or pre-paid, and so on. The content provider knows the customers behaviour on its site, their interests, what they look at and what drives them. “Together it’s a rich psycho-demographic profile of actual behaviour, mapped against type for recommendation of unused content types,” said Wilson.

The best form of personalization is to restructure the site based on the history of the user. For example, if someone constantly goes to the entertainment section of a news site and ignores news and sports, the site should move entertainment to the top of the list. Two caveats — the site is restructured but all the information is still available, nothing is eliminated. Also, the site should take into account consistent behaviour over a period of time and not a single action. There also needs to be ways to let people know what their friends are doing, and things they have discovered that I may be interested in.