Pier Screenings Parody: Justin.tv Meets Entourage


What do you get when you mix the Justin.tv crew, a Mustang convertible from ZipCar, and a suction camera mount? Entourage.tv, of course!

Above is embedded the NewTeeVee team promo for our event Tuesday (for which there are a few tickets left!). Jackson and Craig did a pretty fantastic job with this, if I do say so myself, so please check it out. And many thanks to the guys from Justin.tv. [digg=http://digg.com/tech_news/Entourage_tv_Justin_tv_Entourage_mashup_NewTeeVee_com]

We want to take this opportunity to get out the vote, as it were, for the very fine contestants for Tuesday’s Pier Screenings. Please head over to http://screenings.newteevee.com/ and show your favorite videos some love by rating them on a scale of one to five stars. Voting closes Monday morning, and the six picks for the live event will be chosen for having the highest ratings with a significant number of votes.

We’ll be rewarding our winners with some pretty fancy prizes — a 1 terabyte external harddrive, courtesy of Fabrik, for the live audience winner (500 GB and 250 GB for second and third. Bonus — they were designed by the renowned Ferrari design house, Pininfarina. You’ll also be featured by our co-host Metacafe — seven days on its front page for the winner, four for second, and one for third — which pays $5 for every 1,000 views.

So get out and vote — may the best parody win.


Liz Gannes

Hey guys, really sorry about this, but Ning (who hosts our Pier Screenings site) is down. We are uploading the video to YouTube as we speak and will replace it here.


wonder if you can get a Justin.tv rig to stream the event live

Tim Street

I don’t know, I’d fire the crane op for the shaky end shot but other than that it’s pretty funny. You guys rock!

I wish I could be there.

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