No meetup today at Starbucks


Due to the severe weather conditions in the area I am not going to have the meetup at Starbucks today.  Sorry for the late notice but the severe rain and electrical storm is not conducive to bringing electronic gear outdoors.  We’ll do it soon so don’t worry.

The storms may have passed through the area so I’m going to try to make the 2pm meetup in Starbucks as planned.  Sorry for any confusion but can’t fight Mother Nature.  :)


Aaron Walker

Hey, James could you share your wisdom on how not to get taken selling old tech with those not fortunate enough to be able to make it to Starbucks?

Maybe a special column or a link if you have shared that information previously?

I’m in the process of upgrading some gear and being as this is the first time I’ve had the opportunity, I sure don’t want to give the stuff away or have it sitting around not doing anything.

Mike Whalen

I was the fortunate one to meet with good ol’ James. He’s an amazingly patient person and the X61 is an amazingly good laptop. It’s small, light, and I was astounded with the feeling of the inking and the speed. Now, the last Tablet I used was the lowly TC-1000 from HP, one of the first out of the pen. I wound up HATING the thing and sold it sometime later to a colleague.

But this…? This I could get used to.

And James answered some long-standing questions about some other topics I hoped to discuss such as:

* Remorse for not using the full-potential of tech when you spend so much money on it.
* How to sell old equipment without getting taken.

Great time. Thanks, James. In the parlance of the Interblogs, “j00 r0xorzz!!!!!1111eleven”



What we need here is a Skype video conference from the Starbucks so we can all see the X61…altho, as you know from my previous comment, I’m waiting for the X91.

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