New Skype versions use Skype audio engines, required for Skypecasts


Skype_logoJim Courtney explains why you should upgrade your Skype client: the latest releases for both Windows and Mac use a Skype-developed audio engine for improved call quality. I often use Skype with the internal mic on the Mac or the integrated array microphones on the Samsung Q1P without major problems, but I’m looking forward to trying out the audio improvements in this new version. For Windows users, it’s v 3.2 while on the Mac side, you’ll want v 2.6.

Related to these upgrades: you’ll have to have these updated versions if you want to participate in Skypecasts, which are public Skype conference call sessions. We still need to try one of those for a jkOnTheRun topic with the readers. Anyone interested?



Sure…tie that in with coffee and it would remind me of my old “ham radio” getogethers when I lived in Chicago. We all met each Saturday morning in a small town outside Chicago and talked and talked about ham radio. A chitchat with one or both of you, plus readers, would be great. The loyal, interested following of your “fans” would probably preclude the usual problems of public internet chats.

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