Might not need Starbucks thanks to XM


Coffee_manHmmm….those Coffee Break posts we do from Starbucks might be harder for me to come by. I was checking out the XM Radio web page to see if they’ve added any new channels and I stumbled on channel 75 shown below. The channel name is "Hear Music" but it was the description that got me: "The Sound of Starbucks". I’m listening right now since you can stream XM over the Internets if you’re a subscriber (to XM, not the web!) and I’ve got a cup of coffee here too. My WiFi, not the $20 a month T-Mobile Hotspot WiFi. Now I can’t make a White Chocolate Mocha here, but hmmm……no double-bag hoodlums to worry about…kinda appealing to me. Somebody call me when Starbucks starts a delivery service here in the sticks…




Now, I know that machines like the Tassimo don’t make “real” coffee like some coffee purists like, but it sure is a great machine for single-servings of cappucino (with actual milk), latte, espresso, and coffee. No white chocolate mocha pods for the Tassimo, but you could probably get creative with additions to the coffee/espresso/cappucinos made by the Tassimo to get by. :) I love my Tassimo… It’s much better than the Senseo we used to use.

Example: http://www.coffeeforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=1204


I think that’s been there for a year or so. I used to listen to it on the way to and from work.



It’s not that hard to make a white chocolate mocha, and I can promise it would be a whole lot better than with starbucks’ crap coffee. :D

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