Fujitsu UMPC- Bluetooth after all?


Reader "Elite Ent" (don’t you love online idents) sent me a heads-up that AVING has published a few new photos of the Fujitsu UMPC that we’ve mentioned before on jkOnTheRun.  The 5.6" convertible UMPC shows all the Fujitsu goodness that they put in their mobile PCs but we lamented the lack of integrated Bluetooth, a sure oversight on Fujitsu’s part.  These new photos on AVING may show that Fujitsu has listened and is putting Bluetooth in the U1010.  I looked at the photos and blew them up and sure enough it looks like it indicates Bluetooth in front of the keyboard on the left side.  Have a look at the photos and see if you agree.



Stephen Feger

Yep. This just became an interesting device. They also mention a SIM card, so HSDPA is a “possibility”. I say possibility because the P1610 was supposed to get HSDPA functionality in North America and never did because of FCC requirements, so you never really know for certain until it’s announced.

Personally, I’m still like the P1610 better. A little larger screen with a slightly higher resolution (I hated that resolution warning when I looked at my Yahoo! e-mail), a slightly better keyboard. But I really like the buttons and joystick available on tablet mode… VERY nice addition. Blus the camera is a nice feature. Not critical, but nice.

Can’t wait to hear pricing and availability. Pair this unit up with a phone with EvDO Rev. A and Bluetooth 2.0 and you’re rocking and rolling…. Nice…

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