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Sony’s Talks To Buy ClubPenguin Off

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Not sure who’s the other one in the fray, but someone is, and Sony is out. We reported last month that Sony was in advanced talks to acquire the two-year-old kids focused social gaming site ClubPenguin for about $450 million. The talks broke down some days ago, and price was one of the factors…our sources tell us the asking price went up beyond $500 million, and Sony balked at the price. Among the other reason that could have broken the talks, as Staci mentioned in our earlier post: “Sony is trying to get a handle on churn. We

4 Responses to “Sony’s Talks To Buy ClubPenguin Off”

  1. mculbert


    Want to see churn? Turn it into a paid+advertising site in an attempt to recover an insane purchase price. I know I'll pull my two kids' accounts as soon as it happens.

    You know Sony would have done it, and whoever else is bidding will do it too.

  2. These ClubPenguin guys seem noble, but must be living in a fantasy world. To try to dictate to someone that a portion of the profits have to go to charity I think is insane.

    Seems to me that the ClubPenguin guys should take their $500m and spend it how they believe it should be spent, not tell someone else what they should do with their money.

    "You can marry my daughter, but you'll need to have sex with her sister as well." Maybe that wouldn't be so bad. ;)