Omniphone Launches All-You-Can-Eat Subscription Service

We covered this a few days ago, but it has now happened…British company Omniphone has launched a mobile music service dubbed MusicStation in Sweden on Telenor, with plans to launch in the UK by the end of the year. The subscription service charges 1.99 pounds (US$3.91) per week to download unlimited songs — but once they stop paying the subscription fee they can no longer listen to the tunes reports Times Online. The site has the backing of all the major record labels and Omniphone said it has deals in place with 30 operators across Africa, Asia and Europe. It works via a standalone application which reportedly makes the whole service a lot cleaner. It also works on a wide variety of 2.5G and 3G handsets, with claims of 75 percent of new handsets sold being supported.