@ DH: Interview: Herve Payan, SVP of Content, Orange/France Telecom


imageAt Digital Hollywood, I did a short interview with Herve Payan, SVP of Content Services at Orange, the flagship brand of France Telecom, where he talked about how Orange looks at content. The views are especially interesting coming from a primarily wireless and wireline telecom brand moving into content services, and in some cases, funding original content.
Some of the issues he talked about:
— Using content to change the perception of the brand, from old-line telecom to Telecom 2.0 company, meaning platform agnostic.
— Distributing content across platforms, and using content to attract new trip-play subscribers.
— Funding original content, including movies.
— Rights clearances of content across multi-platforms and across various European countries.
— Launching IPTV in UK.
— Online video vs IPTV.
— Use of mobile TV in France: some surprising trends on usage and prime-time.

You can stream the 16 minute interview below, or can download the MP3 here.

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