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Video Showdown: Presidential Pranskters

In the wake of the most recent G8 summit, two of the world’s leaders are vying for the top spot of viral video political slip-ups. Both are presidents, while one is commander-in-chief and the other is co-prince of Andorra (Andorra, always great for resumé padding).

While visiting Albania, President Bush went out to get groped by shake hands with a huge adoring mob. Watch the video carefully and keep an eye on his the Bush’s watch at about the minute mark. Where’d it go?!? While the White House denies any presidential pickpocketing, and “NBC’s own crack team” has some convincing video footage, you be the judge of Timexgate.

At a G8 press conference, French President Nicolas Sarkozy arrived a bit late, out of breath, and “giddy.” It was a Belgian journalist who joked “apparently [Mr. Sarkozy] had more than just water to drink”. A spokesman for President Sarkozy would not deign to comment on the video, saying “it is not common practice at the Elysée to comment on bad taste jokes.” Zut alors!

So which leader of the free world do you think got an unfair viral bum rush?

1. President Bush wouldn’t let a country of 3.6 million take anything from him!

2. President Sarkozy just drank water which looks like vodka.

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