Skitch Updated, Now in Semi-Public Beta


UPDATE: Alright, NOW you can sign up on for an opportunity to get into the Skitch Beta program.

UPDATE: I guess in my excitement, I jumped the gun a tad:My apologies! The update and goodness I wrote below is – at the moment – intended for the private beta users only. But hang tight, as a little birdie has told me that good news on a more widespread basis is not far off…

skitch updated
One of my recently most favorite things, Skitch, received an update today. There are some interface enhancements and a new application icon. I’ve just begun playing with it, but as I’ve mentioned before, it’s nearly perfect, so I don’t expect the updates to be glaring.

The bigger news is that Skitch is soon to be in Public Beta, but until then, will be in Semi-Public Beta, meaning current users will have the ability to pass out the love. I haven’t seen this on my end just yet, but that’s the news from Colin Devroe, so I’m waiting patiently…

Check out the website in the meantime for an updated video demonstration of Skitch.


Eric Hamilton

Strike my last comment Colin rocks and so does Skitch. I’m so fairweather.

Eric Hamilton

I concur. I’ve really been looking forward to this product but it is frustrating not to be able to get my hands on it. I understand that it isn’t feature complete and that there is a webservice component of it that may not be ready for a public beta.
I think all of the potential beta-testers would be happy and understand a beta version that had limited features and functionality. I’m currently using OmniFocus in its alpha form and I think the OmniGroup has done a great job in there execution of the testing. Give the user’s access to the nightly builds with the caveat that they’re nightlies. I understand that this may not be a one to one comparison but it seems that Plasq could certianly give us beta freaks something to play with.


Unfortunately, there is no new demonstration. And frankly, while I can certainly appreciate a company taking their time to iron out the bugs as much as possible, the amount of time between the beginning of the “buzz” that was created around this app and public access is just frustrating.

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