Michael Moore’s Sicko leaked on the Net

sicko.gifSicko, Michael Moore’s scathing look at the healthcare industry and the pharmaceutical companies that are destroying it, is scheduled to debut June 29 in theaters. But, if you’re the savvy keyboarding sort you can download the documentary now. (Check TorrentSpy for copies.) I know, I know. Piracy! Don’t everybody gasp in surprise at once.

Sicko’s not the only new release you can grab at Canal Street these days, though. Hostel II, Eli Roth’s gory flick about rich people cutting up kids, was also leaked earlier this month. Not sure which film, Sicko or Hostel, is more adequately described by the phrase “torture porn.”

Of course Hollywood execs, ever quick to blame piracy for declining ticket sales — I saw Hostel II. It sucked. Blame that. — is sure to cite these latest leaks as proof that piracy is hurting business. The MPAA estimates that piracy costs the industry $18 billion a year in lost revenue. But those same execs would do well to remember a little AT&T study from way back in 2003 which said the prime source of unauthorized copies of new movies on file-sharing networks appears to be movie industry insiders, not consumers.

Moore, not so long ago said, “I don’t have a problem with people downloading the movie and sharing it with people. As long they’re not doing it to make a profit off it, as long as they’re not, you know, trying to make a profit off my labor.” Prophetic words!