NBC Hopes To Gain Revenues, Viewers From High School News Site

Teens may not be watching the evening news broadcasts, but they still have to go to school — which is where NBC and its news division are heading with a $10 million online initiative intended to supplement Advanced Placement high school courses, according to the NYT. The project, called iCue, will make use of NBC’s vast archives and current news personalities to bear on three subjects: American history, English and government. The idea is not so radical, as the NYT and Time magazine have long repackaged articles for in-classroom materials and numerous outlets, including CNN, provide classroom programming. The NBC initiative, though, is expected to generate revenue in addition to promoting the brand. ICue would be ad-supported, though only in in the hours after school. No decision yet on whether the ads will have video or banner ads. NBC also plans to charge schools for subscriptions with fees tied to school size; for example, a school with 750 students would pay slightly less than $2,000 a year. That’s if it’s willing to pay at all.