Get VMware Fusion for $39


Derik at MacUser points out that VMware is driving hard to the net in regards to the virtualization battle with Parallels. If you pre-order the 1.0 version now (which is expected by end of August) you get the normally $79 license for just $39. Sweet deal for a top virtualization contender for Macs.



good call there tycho; in fact, i followed an out of date “conversion” process for parallels xp vm install to a fusion one and it was a total failure. i really wanted to try out the fusion betas, but i don’t want to go through the hassle of getting my copy of xp re-registered/verified through ms and also to have to resetup my visual studio dev. environment. bottom line, fusion looks awesome, but until i can convert or just USE my parallels xp install in fusion, i won’t get around to trying it out anytime soon. ‘sides i just dropped a few more bones on v3 of parallels after buying their initial offering earlier this year.


And yes, what we’ve seen on the web is pretty impressive. But for those of us that have Parallels installed already, the inability to utilise Parallels’ XP installation makes for a tedious crossgrade…

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